Get your hands dirty. Keep your city clean.


What is it?

Engaged city dwellers (You!) will use a set of identification tools to pinpoint the top polluting single-use plastic items and brands in your neighborhood to find hotspots.  A hotspot is where high levels of plastic pollution aggregate, which can end up in our waterways. With this clear picture, we can propose effective solutions to stop plastic pollution at the source.


Where is it?

TrashBlitz will launch in Los Angeles this spring to evaluate the city’s plastic pollution levels—specifically in the Los Angeles River watershed. The results will be used to support local and statewide mitigation strategies with the ultimate goal of preventing single-use plastics from entering the ocean. The TrashBlitz toolkit can be used by anyone, anywhere in the world.


want to join?

TrashBlitz L.A. is centered around two days of data collection and analysis. On April 20th we’re inviting communities around the L.A. River watershed to carry out brand audits and beach cleanups at specific project locations. On May 11th we’re inviting communities to do data collection and trash analysis on school campuses, in parks and on streets to assess L.A.’s hotspots.


Get involved

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