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expedition 2019: adding the galapagos
to our south pacific plastic pollution dataset


Help us end the global health crisis of plastic pollution today!


Are "compostable" and “biodegradable” plant-based plastics the next generation of greenwashing? Get the latest with our Better Alternatives Now 2.0 report. We name the top 20 single-use plastic items polluting U.S. waterways and the brands responsible. Stay tuned for BAN List 3.0 focusing on Southeast Asia data.

Join us on an expedition!

As rare as it is to travel to the Galapagos, it is even more rare to explore the effects of plastic in its National Parks. We invite you to sail with us as we explore the islands and aquatic environment in need of protection from the dangers of plastic. Tickets available for this summer!

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Become a #5GyresAmbassador!

We have over 800 Ambassadors all over the world! These are the true champions of the anti plastic pollution movement. Becoming an Ambassador gives you access to others who are taking action just like you. We are gearing up for an exciting new project that we will need your help on, so stay tuned.


plastic Bans—Do They Work?

5 Gyres is part of team of experts, the Plastic Pollution Emissions Working Group evaluating strategies to stop plastic pollution. Are trash capture devices more effective than bans? Or should we be taxing plastics and putting more effort into incentivized return & recycling programs? Preliminary results expected in March.


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