Microplastics (plastic particles smaller than 5 mm) have gained global attention as a pervasive and preventable threat to the health of aquatic ecosystems. To develop critical baseline data and inform solutions, The 5 Gyres Institute and the San Francisco Estuary Institute embarked on a three-year collaborative project to complete the first comprehensive study of microplastic pollution of a major urban estuary and the adjacent marine sanctuaries. 

The San Francisco Bay Microplastics Project was designed to provide critical data on sources and pathways of microplastics in the Bay Area, and generate scientifically supported, regional recommendations for solutions to plastic pollution. The project brings together numerous stakeholders and partners to build momentum around plastic pollution solutions in California.

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microplastics in sf bay 

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Science to solutions

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  • Discover the top three solutions at the Symposium

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how can you help? 

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  • October 2, 2019

  • Where: San Francisco

  • When: 9 am - 4 pm

  • Further Information: Find out how microplastics are effecting the San Francisco Bay and the best solutions to the issue at the invite-only symposium.

  • Invite only. Contact kisbel@5gyres.org