5 Gyres Science Research Hub

Welcome! The goal of this resource is to provide a clear and concise support platform to better navigate plastic pollution research. We've collected what we believe are the studies most relevant to understanding the problem today, with synopses provided by our science team to help readers digest key points. 

Information collected on our Science Research Hub may not encompass every publication on the subject, but rather serves as a guide to understand general themes and emerging topics. It also includes our seminal studies: 5 Gyres was first American organization to identify plastic microbeads in 2012, first to estimate the quantity of surface marine plastic pollution in 2014, and first to assess plastics simultaneously on toxicity, recyclability and more through the 2016 and 2018 5 Gyres Plastics BAN List studies.

How does it work? Use the keyword drop-down list and/or search by region to navigate, then read our synopsis before clicking the link to access the abstract (individuals typically must have subscriptions to access entire scientific publications). Check back often as we will be continually updating as new studies come in. 

Looking for 5 Gyres studies only? You can view our Publications page, or search the Hub below using the drop down keyword 5 Gyres studies and select your specific region of interest.

Our series of 5 Gyres Policy Briefs on some of the worst plastic pollution items—such as plastic bags, polystyrenestraws, and microbeads—will expand over time. We hope that the 5 Gyres Science Hub will be a valuable resource for those new to understanding plastic pollution as well as those who want to go deeper into this issue.

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Thanks to Board Member, Anna Getty for making the Science Research Hub possible.

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