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Reports and Reviews:

Plastic & Climate Change: The Hidden Costs of a Plastic Planet – May 2019
Lisa Anne Hamilton and Steven Feit at CIEL; Carroll Muffett and Steven Feit at CIEL (Chapter 3); Matt Kelso and Samantha Malone Rubright at FracTracker Alliance (Chapter 4); Courtney Bernhardt and Eric Schaeffer at EIP (Chapter 5); Doun Moon at GAIA and Jeffrey Morris at Sound Resource Management Group (Chapter 6); and Rachel Labbé-Bellas at 5Gyres (Chapter 7). 

Plastics BAN List 2.0 – November 2017
5 Gyres, Algalita, Californians Against Waste, Clean Production Action, Plastic Pollution Coalition, Responsible Purchasing Network, Story of Stuff, Surfrider Foundation and UPSTREAM 

Nature of Plastic Marine Pollution in the Subtropical Gyres – February 2017
A chapter on the gyres that 5 Gyres contributed on global impacts of plastic pollution

Plastics BAN List – November 2016
5 Gyres, Surfrider Foundation, Clean Production Action, and UPSTREAM

Scientific Journals:

Spatial trends and drivers of marine debris accumulation on shorelines in South Eleuthera, The Bahamas using citizen science – March 2019
Kristal K. Ambrose, Carolynn Box, James Boxall, Annabelle Brooks, Marcus Eriksen, Joan Fabres, Georgios Fylakis, Tony R. Walker

Evaluating the Impact of Mitigation Strategies for Marine Litter and Microplastics to Inform Policy: A White Paper – November 2018
Plastic Pollution Emissions Working Group

Double trouble in the South Pacific subtropical gyre: Increased plastic ingestion by fish in the oceanic accumulation zone – October 2018
Ana Markica, Clarisse Niemandb, James H. Bridsonc, Nabila Mazouni-Gaertnerd, Jean-Claude Gaertnere, Marcus Eriksen, Melissa Boweng

Microfibers, Macro Problems – November 2017
Róisín Magee Altreuter, 5 Gyres Ambassador

Microplastic: What Are the Solutions? – November 2017
Dr Marcus Eriksen, Martin Thiel, Matt Prindiville, Tim Kiessling

Microplastic sampling with the AVANI trawl compared to two neuston trawls in the Bay of Bengal and South Pacific – September 2017
Prepared by Dr Marcus Eriksen of 5 Gyres

Tracking CA Trash Final Report on Testing Trash “Flux” Monitoring Methods in Flowing Water Bodies – March 2017
Prepared by Carolynn Box of 5 Gyres for BASMAA

Microplastic contamination in the San Francisco Bay, California, USA
Marine Pollution Bulletin
– July 2016
Dr. Rebecca Sutton; study contributed to by Carolynn Box of 5 Gyres

Pelagic plastic pollution within the surface waters of Lake Michigan, USA
Journal of Great Lakes Research
– June 2016
Sherri A. Mason, Laura Kammin, Marcus Eriksen, Ghadah Aleid, Stiv Wilson, Carolynn Box, Nick Williamson, Anjanette Riley

A global inventory of small floating plastic debris IOPSCIENCE – November 2015
Erik van Sebille, Chris Wilcox, Laurent Lebreton, Nicolai Maximenko, Britta Denise Hardesty, Jan A. van Franeker, Marcus Eriksen, David Siegel, Francois Galgani and Kara Lavender Law

Plastic pollution in the world’s oceans: More than 5 trillion plastic pieces weighing over 250,000 tons afloat at sea PLOS ONE – December 2014
Marcus Eriksen, Laurent CM Lebreton, Henry S. Carson, Martin Thiel, Charles J. Moore, Jose C. Borerro, Francois Galgani, Peter G. Ryan, Julia Reisser

Global research priorities to mitigate plastic pollution impacts on marine wildlife Endangered Species Research – October 2014
A.C. Vegter, M. Barletta, C. Beck, J. Borrero, H. Burton, M.L. Campbell, M.F. Costa, M. Eriksen, C. Eriksson, A. Estrades, K.V.K. Gilardi, B.D. Hardesty, J.A. Ivar do Sul, J.L. Lavers, B. Lazar, L. Lebreton, W.J. Nichols, C.A. Ribic, P.G. Ryan, Q.A. Schuyler, S.D.A. Smith, H. Takada, K.A. Townsend, C.C.C. Wabnitz, C. Wilcox, L.S. young, M. Hamann

High-levels of microplastic pollution in a large, remote mountain lake Marine Pollution Bulletin – August 2014
Christopher M. Free, Olaf P. Jensen, Sherri A. Mason, Marcus Eriksen, Nicholas J. Williamson, Bazartseren Boldgiv

Plastic Pollution in Tulane Law Journal – May 2014
Marcus Eriksen

Relationship of diversity and habitat area in North Pacific plastic-associated rafting communities Marine Biology – April 2014
Miriam C. Goldstein, Henry S. Carson, Marcus Eriksen

Polybrominated diphenyl ethers (PBDEs) in fish tissue may be an indicator of plastic contamination in marine habitats Science of the Total Environment – April 2014
Chelsea M. Rochman, Rebecca L. Lewison, Marcus Eriksen, Harry Allen, Anna-Marie Cook, Swee J. The

The Case for a Ban on Microplastics in Personal Care Products Tulane Environmental Law Journal – April 2014
Rachel Doughty, Marcus Eriksen

The Plastisphere – The Making of a Plasticized World Tulane Environmental Law Journal – April 2014
Marcus Eriksen

Microplastic pollution in the surface waters of the Laurentian Great Lakes Marine Plastic Bulletin – December 2013
Marcus Eriksen, Sherri Mason, Stiv Wilson, Carolynn Box, Ann Zellers, William Edwards, Hannah Farley, Stephen Amato

The plastic-associated microorganisms of the North Pacific Gyre Marine Pollution Bulletin – October 2013
Henry S. Carson, Magnus S. Nerheim, Katherine A Carroll, Marcus Eriksen

Plastic pollution in the South Pacific subtropical gyre Marine Pollution Bulletin – March 2013
Marcus Eriksen, Nikolai Maximenko, Martin Thiel, Anna Cummins, Gwen Lattin, Stiv Wilson, Jan Hafner, Ann Zellers, Samual Rifman

An ecological assessment of bisphenol-A: Evidence from comparative biology Reproductive Toxicology –  August-September 2007
D. Andrew Crain, Marcus Eriksen, Taisen Iguchi, Susan Jobling, Hans Laufer, Gerald A. LeBlanc, Louis J. Guillette Jr.

Policy Briefs:

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