Each day we field questions about how people can live with less plastic.

Often the answer is as simple as tossing a reusable water bottle or cup in your bag, asking for a drink with "no straw please" or packing a lunch in wax paper. These small shifts take time to take hold, but you can't unlearn them—and you'll positively influence others through your actions. 

We promise—you can live without ziploc.

Products in our Plastic-Free Shopping Guide* decrease dependence on plastic, start a conversation about conservation, and support our mission. If you have questions about anything in our Guide, please contact info at 5gyres.org. Thanks!

Support our Corporate Partners... Because they support us! 

*A few of these products include plastic in their design—such as the reusable coffee cup lid, or the ring inside the water bottle. We chose to include them in the Guide because they are multi-use, durably made to last, and provide valuable alternatives to single-use plastic items.