Helping you make plastic free choices, every day.

First, let’s address the grey whale in the room...we realize this shopping guide isn’t 100% plastic-free. However, each of these products are designed to help you decrease your dependence on plastics, start a conversation about conservation, and support our mission. The hand picked items featured on this page are multi-use, built to last, and provide alternatives to single-use plastic items. Our goal with this page is not to push more products on you, but to show you some great products to help you on your plastic-free journey.

5 Gyres fulfills orders of products in the top section of this page. The other items are fulfilled by our partners. For items purchased from 5 Gyres, please allow 5 to 10 business days for your item(s) to be shipped. If you need your order sooner or have questions about any of these products, please contact Thanks!

Support our Corporate Partners... Because they support us! 

We work with our corporate partners on many different levels to support 5 Gyres’ mission and help share their #plasticfree products with our community. If you’re interested in becoming a 5 Gyres partner, please click here.