That’s the number of plastic water bottles that Americans use—an hour. Yes, you read that right. Nearly three million bottles, every hour of every day. So where does all that plastic go?


Roughly seven out of every 10 bottles are trashed. And from the landfill, many plastic water bottles end up in the ocean.

But the thing to remember about single-use plastic water bottles is: You can avoid them. Pledge to go #plasticfree: Keep a reusable cup in your car or bag, and fill it up on the go. Not only does this make good environmental sense, it’s good for your bottom line: Bottled water costs 2,000 times more than tap water—switching can save a lot of money! SodaStream, a 5 Gyres Cause Partner, took on the issue with tongue-in-cheek drama in this "Shame or Glory" video. We hope it will inspire you to take the #plasticfree pledge! 


Here are four more #plasticfree actions you can take today:

  • Join our petition telling members of Congress to stand with national parks, not the bottled water industry!  National parks have implemented bottled-water-free policies to great success: Zion National Park removed approximately 5,000 pounds of trash annually after implementing the practice, which also increases access to tap water. But the International Bottled Water Association is trying to make it illegal for the parks to fund the transition to bottled-water-free. Yes, really. Please click through to sign today!
  • Use a reusable water bottle to talk with your friends and family about the environmental impact of using single-use plastic.
  •  Sign up for our newsletter to stay in the loop on the fight against plastic bottles!
  • Check out our Plastic Free Shopping Guide for suggestions on how to live without throwaway cups.