Interested in being an Ambassador? Fantastic! Please fill out this application, reading it carefully. By submitting, you agree to these terms:

  1. Sign up for the 5 Gyres Ambassador newsletter and join our general mailing list. (Subscription will begin when you enter your email below.)

  2. Only use facts found on to present information about the organization and our mission of reducing plastic pollution; check with 5 Gyres staff first if you would like to include additional information in presentations. 

  3. Present a sign-up sheet (provided) at each event; after the event, share that information with steph[at]

  4. Avoid injuries or damage to property while at any event or activity associated with 5 Gyres.

  5. Allow 5 Gyres to use your name, voice, photographs, and video on our website and social media outlets, and in our newsletters and emails.

  6. Understand that 5 Gyres does not reimburse Ambassadors for any expenses related to participating in this program. 

  7. Document activities on social media using the #5GyresAmbassador hashtag and tag photos with @5Gyres and/or email steph[at] with photos and details so she can share on your behalf.

If you are unable to follow the guidelines in this agreement, 5 Gyres retains the right to revoke your participation in the Ambassador Program. Acceptance in the 5 Gyres Ambassador program is conditional upon email signature of this Agreement.

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Thank you to our program sponsors!