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Microbeads Action Kit 
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Informative Microbeads Pamphlet


This pamphlet has all the basic and necessary information about Microbeads for you to share with everyone you know. This is perfect to pass out at events or to have while tabling. 

This packet contains background information on microbeads, examples of ways to talk to others about microbeads, as well as suggested examples of creative ways people have already taken action in their areas. 

DIY Scrub Guide

A DIY (Do It Yourself) Scrub to make at home, or, if you’d like to throw a DIY Scrub party, here is a fantastic and easy recipe we’ve used in the past. Don't forget to collect your friends' microbead containing scrubs to mail back to 5 Gyres for a chance to win prizes. 

Microbead Collection
How-To & Poster

 The How-To Guide is a step-by-step guide will walk you through the process of setting up a microbead-product collection drive at your work/school/wherever. We've also made a handy poster to hang above your microbead collection container so people know what it's for!

Mailing Label

We encourage you to start a microbead-product collection drive at your school, work, group of friends, etc. and mail the products to 5 Gyres so that we can make sure they stay out of our waterways. The first version will print on an 8 x11 piece of paper. It has guidelines for you to cut out the label. The second is available for easy digital copying and pasting. 

Phone Slideshow

Contains powerful photos of our microbeads story to facilitate conversations surrounding the issue. Download to your phone and you can share the story everywhere. The Horizontal PDF is made to be shown by holding your phone horizontally (turned to the left). The Vertical PDF is made to be shown vertically, or via tablet or computer. 

Talking Points for Slides

Talking points so you can explain the phone slides.

Now available in both English and Spanish.
(Thanks to volunteer Renato Barros!)

German translation thanks to volunteer
Wouter van den Broek


Tabling Materials

Our first item for tabling was produced by 5 Gyres’ Action Leader Nicole Matthesen (thanks Nicole!). It is a two page flyer of photos from the Phone Slides. 

You can print this in color or in black and white and use it to educate your friends and community about Microbeads. The numbers on the slides refer to the Talking Points for Slides document found above.


Pledge Sheets

Have these at any event you host or attend so people can pledge not to use microbeads.

Social Media Graphics

Enclosed are 12 Social Media images you can use to educate your community about microbeads and plastic pollution.  Please add the hashtag #beadfree when you share.  

You may also want to include links to our Microbeads information page,, or link to our Facebook ( or Instagram @5gyres.   Below are two samples of what you will find in the pack. Thanks to our volunteers Kimberly Palfi & Tabitha Kerbabian for designing these tools.