New Ambassador Rules and Guidelines Agreement


Welcome to the 5 Gyres AmbassadorShip! We are thrilled to have you as a part of this global network of change makers shifting our culture away from single-use plastics and towards a resilient, brilliant planet.

The 5 Gyres Ambassador program is an exclusive group of individuals that have shown exceptional commitment to 5 Gyres’ values and have been selected to represent 5 Gyres in communities around the world. In order to grow an impressive, coherent and effective Ambassador Program, it is important that we outline Guidelines, Terms and Rules.



A short list of core values guide the actions of our Staff and Board Members. These should act as guidelines to your actions related to 5 Gyres.

  • Be supportive and compassionate

  • Execute with excellence

  • Be willing to fail

  • Celebrate successes and express gratitude

  • Engage our community

  • Listen deeply




  1. Ambassador will positively promote the 5 Gyres and act respectively at all times. Ambassador agrees to conduct him/herself in a professional manner while representing 5 Gyres. Language should be constructive, supportive, engaging, and facilitating further involvement wherever possible.

  2. Events where Ambassadors are involved in the planning phase should do their best to make sure the event is plastic free.

  3. Ambassadors should use reusable bottles, cups, utensils and bags while representing 5 Gyres.

  4. Each Ambassador is required to lead and/or attend at least two events as a 5 Gyres Ambassador a year.

  5. Events must either be documented via social media using the #5GyresAmbassador hashtag, or emailed to steph[at] with the subject line “5GyresAmbassador” with details about the event and/or photos.Provide feedback for events whenever applicable.

  6. All science facts should be vetted- always ask 5 Gyres staff if you are unsure of a fact before sharing. Focus on upstream solutions to plastic pollution. Corporate design change, policy solutions, etc.

  7. Costs related to Ambassador activities (gas, conference fees, travel expenses, etc) are generally not covered by 5 Gyres. In some circumstances, reimbursement may be provided and will be made clear by 5 Gyres staff.  

  8. Ambassador will avoid injuries or damage to property while at any event or activity attended with or on behalf of 5 Gyres.

  9. Ambassador allows 5 Gyres staff to use Ambassador's name, voice, photograph, and video images on 5 Gyres social media outlets, newsletters and website.

  10. If the commitments are not fulfilled by the Ambassador as outlined in this Agreement, the Ambassador may be asked to stop their participation in the Ambassador Program.

Acceptance in the 5 Gyres Ambassador program is conditional upon email signature of this Agreement.


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I agree to the terms