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Our research, studies and publications drive action on plastic pollution: TrawlShare empowers citizen scientists to collect data, the Plastics BAN List details functional and material alternatives that could replace single-use disposable products, and regional analysis provides essential baseline data needed to evaluate the effectiveness of pollution prevention policies.


Sign the starbucks petition

Join us as we take a stand against Starbucks! In 2008, Starbucks committed to increasing reusable cup usage to 25% of overall usage by 2015. After failing to keep this promise, they lowered their projections. Meanwhile, Starbucks opens 500 locations a year—that’s more than one every day—and serve up four billion cups of coffee annually. Sign the petition and stand up to Starbucks on plastic pollution!


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Our 18th Expedition will travel through Indonesia’s Coral Triangle from Bali to Komodo to sample microplastics and explore solutions to the problem of plastic pollution. Groups will be lead by 5 Gyres Co-Founder and Research Director Marcus Eriksen and 5 Gyres Science Programs Director Carolynn Box, and will include representatives from regional NGOs who are working on community-based, zero-waste solutions. 

Join "Voices 4 Oceans"

Adventurers and extreme athletes will join forces on March 22nd in Santa Monica, CA for Voices 4 Oceans, a storytelling event that connects with the sea. This video is from last year's event; this year, speakers include Captain Pete Bethune of Earth Race Conservation and TIME magazine’s “Female Indiana Jones” Alison Teal, with music by KCRW’s legendary DJ, Chris Douridas. Join us to celebrate our 10th anniversary!