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Youth activists are invited to join us in New Orleans for Ocean Heroes Boot Camp, created in collaboration with UN Environment, Lonely Whale, OceanWise and Captain Planet Foundation. This FREE experiential training program provides the knowledge necessary to tackle plastics in your community. Apply today!



What's with all the checks? They represent fight to ban toxic polystyrene worldwide. Recently, our community asked California legislators to vote down AB 2921, a bill that would have strangled our changes in the United States. After some nail-biting days, the bill was killed! Stay in the fight by taking the Nix the 6 pledge

Find science to solutions

Are "compostable" and “biodegradable” plant-based plastics the next generation of greenwashing? Our Plastics Better Alternatives Now List seeks to find out. The publication is essential to 5 Gyres science-to-solutions approach to research that drives action on plastic pollution.

Take a trip with mi mar

This year, 400 students from Sunburst Youth Academy, representing 100 schools throughout California, will experience the "Mi Mar/My Sea" citizen science program. This diverse group of next generation leaders is continuing the fight for a planet free of plastic pollution.